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We serve inventive variations on traditional English pub fare, fresh salads and our famous pizza.

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Pale Ale

What is a Pale Ale?

Pale Ales are hugely varied, from balanced drinkable English best bitters to super hoppy, aromatic American IPAs.

Tasting notes: Bitter, often with tropical or citrus flavors

Pairs with: Hamburgers, Mexican food and fish and chips

2.8 - 10%+ ABV

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What is a Hefeweizen?

Hefeweizen, or wheat beers are hazy and mostly golden. The most famous examples come from Bavaria and Belgium.

Tasting notes: Banana, bubblegum, clove and tangy citrus

Pairs with: Goes great with spicy food (ie. Mexican, Indian, Thai) and eggs

4.5% - 8% ABV

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Traditional Bock

What is a Traditional Bock?

The bock is a malty, sweet beer with a toasty flavor and a dark copper color, generally more robust than your typical lager.

Tasting notes: Smooth deep maltiness, and slightly sweet fruit flavors

Pairs with: Red meat, pork, ham, vegetables, chocolate and sharp cheeses

6.3 - 7.5% ABV

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American Lager

What is an American Lager?

The vast majority of Lagers are golden, but not all, this is a varied and fascinating style of beer.

Tasting notes: Peppery, clean, some gentle sweetness

Pairs with: Fried fish, roast pork, pepperoni pizza, tandori dishes

4.5% - 8% ABV

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Amber Ale

What is an Amber Ale?

These are beers like Mild and Brown Ale, which rely on malt rather than hops for their full-flavored character.

Tasting notes: Nuts, caramel, toasted

Pairs with: Roasts, barbecues, lasagne/spaghetti and mushroom dishes

2% - 6% ABV

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What is a Stout?

Stouts and Porters owe their awesome flavor and color to the dark roasted grains used to make them.

Tasting notes: Chocolate, coffee, roasted, dry

Pairs with: Grilled meat, sausages, rich chocolate cake, stews and oysters

4% - 12% ABV

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